Who We Are

Here at Zion, we acknowledge God’s presence in His holy Word and Sacrament and are thankful for the way in which His blessings have been with us throughout the 157 year history of this congregation which was founded in 1861. We believe, teach and confess that the primary mission of the church is to make disciples of every nation by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel and the admin¬≠istration of the Sacraments.

Our main teaching is the Good News (evangel) about Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible teaches that all are sinners and apart from Jesus Christ, we would be lost in this world and the next. But we also trust that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) His death and resurrection brings new life to all who believe in him both now and in heaven. (John 3:16,17). The aim of our congregation is that the Good News of our salvation be preached and taught in order that people might be made disciples of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the focal point of our lives, both here in church and in our community.

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Our national church body emphasizes faithfulness to the Bible and diligence in making disciples of all nations. Our Lutheran church body bases its teaching solely upon the Bible. Our central doctrine is that of justification by grace through faith: the teaching that we obtain forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation simply by God’s undeserved love which He offered us through Jesus Christ. We also maintain that God has granted us certain Means of Grace – God’s Word and the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – as vehicles by which His love and forgiveness are communicated to us. Furthermore, we ascribe to certain creedal statements, known as the Lutheran Confessions, which set forth our church’s beliefs drawn from Holy Scripture.

We rejoice in the fellowship which we share as members in the body of Christ as we gather for worship, mutual edification and encouragement in the faith, evangelistic outreach, and support of world missions. If you are presently looking for a church, we would welcome you to make Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church your home. For more information concerning our congregation, please visit us in person, email us, write us, or call us at (309) 496-2186.